Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Of Tissue and Boxes

And no, its not Christmas presents! Boxes and tissue packing everywhere has been my scenery for the past few days, and while I can see emptied cartons now flattened and awaiting pick up by my daughter for her upcoming move, progress at making order out of chaos seems very slow indeed!

The purchase of a small pantry unit and microve stand will help with kitchen organizing - I hope! I have one last day free from the usual desk job and so must make this one worthwhile. Not one room is yet completely set up which is discouraging. Although yesterday's crowning triumph was to finally hang a curtain rod in the bedroom and remove the taped cardboard - it also meant the window could be opened! Hallelujah - fresh air at last!! I'm a fiend for having a bedroom window open in all weather, with a fan bringing the fresh air in even quicker! The first few nights were sweltering as there is little heat control in this apartment - its either on or off. And when its on it reaches nearly 80 degrees, which is about 10 more than I am comfortable with. So I won't even tell you about the laundry room, where I spent a few hours yesterday! I think the heat is part of the reason I'm lagging in getting organized (well its a good excuse anyway!).

Howerver, I'm very grateful that the computer is up and running, and miracle of miracles, when the internet connection was turned on, it actually worked! Not that I ever had any doubt, LOL!!

Pam has been holding down the fort at work I believe and while I'll be glad to see her and a handful of other friends there when I return tomorrow, its not a place I find much enjoyment in any more. So as the appeal of working drops, the desire to continue writing as a means to escape must increase!

Well there, decision made...I think I shall tackle this new writing room of mine and see if I can get some of the boxes cleared away and unpack my writing notes and manuscripts and get some motivation going!

And as Pam mentioned in her post, the economy is becoming a big worry to so many, so perhaps I should not grumble quite so much about my job, it may not be the best, but the pay is adequate and if I keep in line and stick to the rules, I should be OK. My daughter in law has been laid off from her job in the automotive industry, which will have an impact on her young family, and my other daughter in law's postion as a newly hired nurse may be in jeopardy as well. So this Christmas should be more about family time and not excess, although NOT spending harms the economy as well. It truly is a ripple effect, but balance is needed.

Anyway, for me I'm glad to be "back" and will next send an update when I've got Madelaine open and revising underway.

Wherever you are today, and whatever you find yourself doing, take a moment to count your blessings - and if you have a way to help improve another's situation, don't miss the opportunity.


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