Sunday, November 23, 2008

God's gift to the literary world!!

Sunday evening and tearing my hair out writing query letters to agents. This is harder than writing the book. I have put it off as I am waiting for Liz and Peter to finish the edit. As soon as that is done this baby is launched. At least from us. To make my letter both interesting from the point of view of the book, and why you would want to read it, also let the agents know we are God's gift to the literary world is daunting.
However, having said that, we have come this far so I must persevere. I hope to have something to show Liz at work tomorrow.

I think we have decided in the New Year we won't take on any extra projects at work. We both have a habit of always staying involved but it takes it toll and we want to get on with the other book. Lots of ideas to keep that one going and hopefully a series. Liz will be settled in her new home and we can set up a better schedule of work.

I am convinced that no one talks more about the weather than Canadians. We had our first snowfall this week, even before all the leaves had fallen from the trees. It looked beautiful, for a while and then it was just a mess and freezing.
On my drive home from work on the first day, everyone was being very careful. I was driving on a major road that was under construction, widening the roadway. They tell you to stay at least three cars behind the car in front but I was at least six. The cars behind were a good distance away. Thank goodness.My heart started thumping and I think I was probably yelling to whomever, as the car had a life of it's own and started drifting sideways. The whole area was full of ditches that the workmen were filling and I saw myself just drifting into one of them.
Needless to say I managed to control the car and came to a stop right in front of six or eight workmen. It must have been the look on my face or my yelling but they all started to applaud.
I sheepishly grinned at them and slowly drove the rest of the way home without incident.

Since then we have just had a few flurries but its very cold but sunny. That makes a big difference.

Well my life has been saved so that I can be on the best seller list as Jamie Tremain. Save driving everyone. Talk soon.


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