Tuesday, August 5, 2008

@#$%^&*, said Liz

Rain, rain and more rain. This kind of weather reminds me of Edinburgh where I was born and brought up. I have never seen such green grass this far into the summer here in Canada. All the trees and plantings look so lush. But I have had enough already.

Update on Liz and my son Ron. Liz worked her last day as "the big boss" and an admirable job she did too. She is looking forward to getting her own work done and being back at her desk. I was afraid to ask her about the computer as if she had it up and running she would be blogging and emailing and hopefully back at the writing but when I asked I received a@#$%&* in the only way that Liz could do @#$%^&*. and then she told me to go away. We will just have to wait on the computer fairy helping her out.

The outcome of the cat scan on son # 2's foot was not a broken bone but six broken bones!!!. Only he could do such a thing is such a spectacular way. Doc says lots of pain for at least two years. Not sure of the prognosis but we will keep our fingers crossed.

So, how much writing have I done? Nada. I am almost finished putting all the books in my new bookcase and fixing my office.
I read an article yesterday that told me if I want to write just write and forget about how your surroundings are. Well that may work for some and I get his drift but I need to work in a clean and tidy workspace,My other excuse is my partner is incommunicado.....So its all Liz's fault.

Just joking, as we will soon be rattling out paragraph after paragraph of award winning prose. I know Liz is as frustrated as I am so hang on.

Rain has stopped and the sky has cleared so its time to get back to other peoples books and finish my room. Will keep you posted re Liz and her computer.


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