Sunday, May 25, 2008

Of Words, Food, and Sunsets

...or how did that weekend go so fast!

Here is the sun setting over Lake Huron, taken on Saturday evening just past - only one of several beautiful photos we managed to capture. The weather was perfect, sunshine and blue skies - the temperatures may have been a bit cooler than our normal location, but didn't deter any walks down to the water's edge.

We arrived in Kincardine just before 6 on Friday - my car fully loaded as if we were bound for the other side of the country instead of just two nights away!

(We interupt this blog post for the following note on lessons learned! When doing laundry, make sure you check the pockets first! I wanted to get some of the clothes from the weekend washed to have on hand for the work week...just went down to move a load of whites from the washer to the dryer - my favourite white hooded sweatshirt is now dappled in pink - the culprit a business card picked up along the way on the weekend - beautiful purple it was. But now it and my sweatshirt are ruined....aaaaarrggh!)

We now return to our regular program -

After picking up a few items from the local grocery store, we made our way to the flat we were to borrow for the weekend. Loaded down with bedding, books, and clothes we faced our Mt Everest - 21 steep stairs, not including the 6 outside steps to get to the entry door. Huffing and puffing we arrived at the apartment door and let ourselves in....a very cute and cozy retreat for the weekend awaited.

Pam outside our retreat - the two windows above the "lighthouse" belonged to us.

After settling in, we did start a bit on our revising - and to me, it soon became apparent this was not going to be a fast exercise!

Exhausted after a day at work, the drive and getting up at 4 a.m., I was able to quickly fall asleep!

Out for breakfast the next day and a walk, we returned and were deep into the rhythm of the revision process by about 10:00 am....unbelieveably it was soon after 1 pm! and we had only completed Chapter One.....

By the time we called the day's work to a halt, we had completed only two chapters and were more than ready for a nice dinner. After dinner we wandered down by the beach, to view the sunset. Tourist season is not in full swing yet and the area was pleasantly deserted. Otherwise, this picture would likely not have been taken (me in the afore mentioned white sweatshirt)
Not sure if I would be brave enough to post a photo which describes how we spent part of the rest of Saturday evening - Pam has better photos than I of our colourful mode, so I may leave it to her to add something worth more than a 1000 words.
Today we left earlier than we had planned, Pam had received some health news about a good friend, and her mind was turned more to her. We did take a roundabout drive home, passing through Goderich and St Mary's, where we stopped for a coffee.
Peter, her husband, met us outside of Guelph, where Pam off-loaded her weekend bags and they returned to Oakville and I may my way back to Guelph.
Time to start preparing for Monday once again - and I have tried to do this post three times by now, so I am just more than a little frustrated and will say g'nite for now. (if there are glaring typos, grammatical errors, or other glitches you'll know why!)

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