Thursday, May 22, 2008

The new" Adventures of Pam and Liz"

Liz has beaten me to the the punch as I fully intended to write in the blog tonight. After I was lambasted by my sister Rosemary in England for not being on here for a while I thought I would get in my two cents worth.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am glad the weather is not going to be super duper, so maybe we will stay in and get lots of work done. That is the plan and we certainly have enough equipment and material and of course munchies, but we will check out the pub next door for breakfast on Saturday.

This is a new experience for both of us but we are still on the same wavelength as far as the story is evolving. We never have more than 20 minutes at a time to discuss our work so we may find that the storyline will change when we scrutinize our work paragraph by paragraph.

It will be good to concentrate on one book , as many times, I especially, would get our main characters mixed up. We have both decided that after these two are launched that any future endeavours will be one at at time.

Well I must keep gathering all of the bags I am taking tomorrow. Never been able to travel light.
All going well and our internet connection is fine we may blog again and let you know how the new Adventure of Pam and Liz goes. That sounds like a movie!!!We will try and takes some pictures or a small video of Kincardine.

Talk soon,



Caroline said...

Have a good one girls. Indeed about time you updated things on here :) The very idea of you travelling light. Not possible. Hey, shame on any office of today with silly dress codes btw. I'd never manage over there.

Liz said...

Hi Caroline

We will do our best, no worries there..and the running shoes? They feel GREAT!!!

Have a good weekend yourself.