Sunday, May 25, 2008

The good news and the not so good!

The w/e in Kincardine has come to and end. Not as productive as we thought.We found it quite hard slogging but felt that it will get easier as we go along. This is the real writing and the first chapter took us three hours to revise and correct. So now we are on our own and we will just get together to compare notes and match our revisions as we go along. This may take a while so hang on to your hats.

We did manage some R&R and on Saturday night we went to a beautiful restaurant for dinner. It was a wee bit upscale but we pulled it off even wearing jeans. We nearly had to wash the dishes after we saw the bill. Then we went to the beach for some pictures of the sunset and back to the apartment for a mud masque. Just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately Liz was still awake at 3am as the local roustabouts were in full swing at the local pub and the shouting and singing kept her awake. I was oblivious to all that and slept like a baby.

My not so good news is, that my old friend Bertha who is 91 ,was admitted to hospital with Blood clots and pneumonia. Visited this afternoon and she was sitting up yakking away in her usual fashion. Hope she is on the mend and back to her own self soon.

My good news is I am going to be a Granma again. Yippee. My oldest son Erik and his wife Leanne are giving Aidain a brother or sister next January.

I have not heard from Liz as she was going for a long deserved nap when she got home. She did a lot of driving as it was a three hour journey and with no sleep last night... Hope she makes work tomorrow.
I will get back to the revisions soon.



Caroline said...

The fact that you're taking so long to revise a chapter is only saying how careful you're being. You've obviously learned loads since you started and notice things now that need fixing. So it's all good.

gram3 said...

LOL I love the part of mixing the characters up. What an interesting
book that would make!!! Love the pics, the sunset is absolutely gorgeous.. thank you for sharing it with us. Are there going to be any pictures in your books? Do you have thoughts on the covers of your books? I realize that getting them written is top most right now, but just curious. :o)

Liz said...

Hi Linda
Thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with Pam and I!
Mixing up of characters may be OK its intentional, but I fear an editor might not look too kindly on us if we didn't catch it...

We probably won't have any pictures in the books, but as far as the covers go, we have had some thoughts for Body Perfect. Pam's husband is quite an accomplished artist and we would love for him to be part of that process.
But as you say, getting the actual writing done is the top priority at the moment, and one taking considerable time - such is the learning curve Pam and I are on.