Sunday, April 13, 2008


Working on the final chapter or chapters of Madelaine has me stopping and starting as I have not done with the rest of the book. The ending being as important as the beginning in that the reader should get a feeling of satisfaction and wishes it would not end or at least it is something they were not expecting.I am looking for a twist to make the ending zing.And so things are slower coming to fruition.

Like Liz, I have also been working on 1000 words to take to the workshop on the 26th.
I have reworked the opening of "Madelaine" and will post it tomorrow.

Being a writer gives me a wonderful sense of voyeurism as friends and family and almost everyone I meet or just observe gets the once over as I wonder if they could fit in to a characterization for a future story. So, you had better be on your best behavior if you don't want to be in my next book.

Spring bulbs are finally showing their green tips. Next month Liz and I hope to shut ourselves away in my friends place in Kincardine to start the rewrite. It will be hard if the weather is nice but...

Post again tomorrow.

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Caroline said...

It'll be GREAT if the weather is nice! You can sit outside in the sun at a table :)