Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Already?

What happened to Spring? My favourite season of the year, I love the spring, the warming temperatures, the rebirth of all things green and budding, the clean scent in the air. But, here it is not even the end of April and we have already had one smog alert day! The temperatures are reaching the mid and upper 20's (celsius) and I've already achieved a tan line on my arm from sitting outside at lunch yesterday!

Don't get me wrong, summer is OK, but not this soon! As I sit here, the robins are in full chorus outside - lovely! How sad I feel when I hear people complain that the birds woke them up! After the dead silence of winter, to hear their singing is such a treat - not something I would ever complain about.

Spent some time last night with our Madelaine, the process seems to be slowing quite dramatically now, and like Pam, I feel the ending deserves much thought and is not to be rushed. This is a time to wrap up loose ends and try and ensure the dots all connect. I don't want to be complacent and count on catching errors at the time of revising and editing.

So last night I sent Pam the couple of pages I managed to produce, just to let her know I'm not just sitting here doing my nails, ha ha! I think I got the jump start I needed and so will plan on carrying on with my part this evening.

This Friday evening will see my daughter and I take in a local production of "The Mikado", something I'm looking forward to! I love live theatre and it will be a new experience for Christine, and I hope it will be a positive experience for her.

This week at work, we learned that our department will be moving lock stock and barrel from our comfy home on the second floor to the ninth floor! Pam has just survived being part of the team overseeing the move of another group to that floor, and now she will be even more involved as she herself will be part of the move. And all this in two weeks time! But I get left behind, as the duties I have been involved with will be remaining on the second floor.

This will affect our random comments and thoughts on the stories which we have been able to do in passing throughout the day! Oh well, I'm sure we will work around it!

Well, time to wrap this up and contemplate what I will be paying at the pump this morning as I make my commute back into Mississauga! It's just been a tad under the $1.20 a litre mark, so I try not to let the tank get below the first quarter, not quite so painful as a full tank fill up - yikes!

Enjoy the day!


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