Sunday, April 27, 2008

" Sounds like a good summer read"

That is the comment from one of the ladies who critiqued "Madelaine" at the workshop yesterday.

The other was a young woman whose own writing was divine and she said "I know exactly who the characters are and how vulnerable Madelaine is and I get the feeling that Raphael is a bad dude. Am I right? Well, it was hard to take the grin off my face as that is what we wanted to portray right from the beginning.

It was a most enjoyable day except for the accoustics. Even with my Hearing Aids ( I am hard of hearing) a great deal is lost to the rafters in the church where the workshop took place. Thank goodness we get handouts and Liz takes good notes.

Dinner at a Greek restaurant was a good place to hash over what we had learned and it will all be put to good use as we start the rewrite. The major thing we did learn is... We have been doing things correctly so hopefully the rewrite will not be such a long journey.

I just had a pop-up from another blog that I read almost daily. You have heard us mention an author that we are in correspondence with, Louise Penny. We are both great admirers of her work and as a fellow Canadian we are so proud of her success . Last night in Washington she won and "Agatha" award. Bravo Louise. Read her books any chance you get. She has finished number four and is halfway through her fifth. You too will fall in love with Armande Gamache.

It is a beautiful day today but I am so full of the workshop I will need to get something down on paper while they are fresh in my mind. A writers work is never done!!! Maybe I can throw on a wash and stick a roast in the oven while I let the ideas germinate so that I can finish the finale of Madelaine.

Those of you waiting on chapters I believe Liz has another ready to send.

Enjoy your day and feel free to comment on anything you see written here.



Caroline said...

Well that's all a publisher needs to think too! 'Good summmer read'... and you'll be laughing!
Glad it's all still going well. You've really kept at it. Now lets read the ending! :)

rosemarygillibrand said...

Well done, it must have been encouraging, so keep at it, look forward to the latest installment and maybe the "ending"?