Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Love is in the air.....

More than love is in the air and that is snow ,sleet and freezing rain. Bad morning rush hour but ended up lovely and sunny and melted the horrible white stuff but... Friday has another storm on it's way just in time for the March break. The kids will be out of school and if you are traveling,look out. My husband is traveling up north to pick up our oldest grandson for a few days holiday. Any chance the 400 highway will be clear?

I have managed to write 3 pages tonight and sent it off to Liz for her to continue. Unless we come to another stumbling block in the story we should have no more revisions for a while,hopefully not until we are finished.

I left Liz to continue with George and Gina's romance and an invitation from Dane to Brian to meet him in his Washington office?? What's that all about?
Stay tuned for JT from Guelph.


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