Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fighting a Cold

March 6

It would be lovely to crawl back into bed this morning. Yesterday I felt the beginnings of an ominous tickle at the back of the throat and by bed time it had blossomed into a nasty sore throat, the kind where it hurts to even speak. I was out with my daughter in law last night, she also wasn't feeling great. So it was a late night (for me!) and I wasn't in bed till 10:30. I've been taking my ColdFX (I swear by it - wonderful stuff!) to hopefully ward off or lessen whatever is brewing. This morning the throat feels better, but I slept fitfully and am slowly progressing into a semi-comatose mode! If it weren't for month end reports due at work, I'd be sorely tempted to call in sick.

My reward at the end of the day will be sleep!!

I see my partner has been busy, I haven't yet read her newest addition, but I'm sure it will be ready for review later this morning at coffee break!!!

The drive in yesterday was nasty - transport trucks barrelling along in the passing lane of the 401 made for some harrowing moments as their nearly fish-tailing trailers swerved dangerously close to my car!

Fortunately, here in Guelph, we were spared the freezing rain and it was only blowing and heavy snow to contend with - more than enough to deal with. But by the time the commute home rolled around, all the roads were once again clear and dry.

And now more snow in the forecast for tomorrow and into next week...will this winter never end! Canada, got to love it, eh?

Time to take another dose of ColdFX and hope for the best!



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