Friday, March 7, 2008


Glory be, I drove to work in daylight this morning. I hate driving in the dark and when I leave for work at 6:30am the street lights are usually on. Not today, and as this is the w/e we loose an hours sleep that must mean that Spring is around the corner, or so one would think... But no, mother nature has the biggest storm of the winter heading our way. The snow started again about the time I left work at 3pm and has tapered off for the moment. Most of the snow will be happening tomorrow with accumulations of 30-50cm in the Niagara region.

Tonight, the start of the March break, I have two of my favourite fellows camped out in my TV room with blankets and pillows and one of those computer games that I don't understand. Whatever happened to Ludo or Snakes and Ladders? Showing my age aren't I?

When I left work today Liz was cursing under her breath as she had lost a spreadsheet she desperately needed for the bosses so.. not sure when she got home as she has a longer distance to drive than me and Highway driving to boot.

As I am waiting on Liz to update her part of the stories I am having some down time and doing a bit of research and rereading of the stories. One has to know where one has been to know where one is going!!Not sure who wrote that!!

Will keep you posted regarding the weather if not the stories as they will happen when they happen and not before.
Drive safely everyone.


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