Monday, July 22, 2013

It's for the birds!

Monday's my day to blog. Temperatures have dropped and the living is easy.

While Liz has her commute, reports and dealing with big business stuff I have the pleasure of watching our bird feeder now that the raccoons have left it alone. We take it inside at night as they knocked it right of the branch last week. Today we’re watching the demented action of two squirrels. It’s driving them crazy. After they've eaten everything dropped by the birds they try every trick in the book to get those yummy seeds. Jumping from branch to branch, tails going a mile a minute they've not made it yet. One was hanging upside down on the rope tying it to the tree and still it eluded him or her. What perseverance for some lunch.

The yellow finches are lovely.

Cardinals are my favourite.  

 Not sure what this is.
         Isn't he a beauty?

Blue Jay's this morning were as determined as the squirrels, but they're too big for the feeder.

Enough of the frivolity you say. You're probably murmuring- ‘Pam needs a life’. 

What I should be doing is writing and plotting. The new book is going well, and we’ve  had some good  sessions via Google docs. A story is starting to come through all the verbiage and sharing in real time is great. We are thinking of working with ‘Scrivener’. Has anyone used this?

Off for a day trip to Prince Edward County to visit relatives tomorrow. Must check the weather. Then there is the baby watch.... and I have a few emails to answer and...think I’m having a procrastinator day. Nearly finished Patricia Cornwall’s 'Scarpetta'. Oh my, that woman can put a story together. You could say she is detail oriented, as in, How to garrote a person the easy way. Fascinating; think I will finish it this afternoon with the birds and squirrels and chipmunks to keep me company.

I hope you are enjoying the Interview series. Next month on August 2nd will be Vicki Delany. Sure to be an interesting talk.

Keep cool,


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Elizabeth Lindsay said...

Nice to be able to bird watch, something I really enjoy as well. I believe your mystery bird is a Cedar Waxwing. Can't wait to see Vicki's interview :-)