Sunday, January 13, 2013

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

I’ll attribute that quote to Will Shakespeare in case you thought it was an original. As plagiarism is at the top of the news it’s prudent to make sure as writers that we only use our own words and if we quote others we give them the recognition.

As Liz and I are in the planning stages of the new book, names are always being discussed and we find it an important part of the process. Along these lines are discussions of E.L. James’s phenomenal success with her ‘Grey books’. No, I have not read them and have no real desire to do so but we do share a name. 

James is my single (maiden) name. Initials P.A.M. to be precise. Not sure if my parents were aware of the P.A.M being what most people have called me most of my life. My middle initials were my grandmother’s names. I only get Pamela if someone is mad at me! I wonder if maybe I am a poor cousin to Ms. James.

Of course there are many people in history called James and I am not about to claim a relationship to Jesse James the outlaw. Jesse and his brother Frank are best known for robbing banks and murdering folks. Then there is Henry James the nineteenth century writer... Maybe he was a GGGG uncle!

More contemporary is P.D. James that wonderful crime writer who is still going strong at ninety two. There is hope for me yet. Geraldine James a British actress is a favourite of mine and I can watch her portrayal of Sarah Layton in “The Jewel and the Crown” many times over. It was taken from the “Raj Quartet’ books by Paul Scott. And I always enjoyed Sid James the comedian who played alongside Tony Hancock... that was in the dark ages.

But my favourite James was the writer and poet Alister William James, my father. He had a small amount of success as a writer but mostly as a poet.
He often signed his name A.W. James. Is that the secret?

The name Jamie Tremain is a concoction of Jamie for James. I was Jamie in high school. Tremain is a family name for Liz.
So as the blog name says, 'Jamie Tremain, Remember the Name'.

I have just finished Ian Rankin’s latest book ‘Standing in another man’s grave’. Excellent read as usual. He uses lots of details and there are surprises when you turn every corner. Highly recommended.

Last night I started a novel by author PETER JAMES. There’s that name again. He has at least twenty two books to his credit, none of which I have read before. The book is called ‘Not Dead Yet’. I’ll report on it later.

It’s been very balmy weather for the last couple of days but tomorrow back to the deep freeze. Better bring out the long johns.

Talk later,

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