Friday, January 4, 2013

Edit , edit edit.

It has been  pointed out by a friend reading my last post that said I heated my posterier with a cup of coffee. Well that is clearly not true. So to clarify. I had meant to say that I was heating my posterior while drinking a java and reading the latest crime/mystery. And that is all we will speak of my rear end from now on.

Bitterly cold day and biting wind. A good day to stay by the fire. Liz I am sure will be glad its the end of the week as she has a family gathering this w/e.

Making headway with the plotting of MMC our next book. When we meet on the 19th we should both have loads of different scenarios to compare. Then we will eliminate and add as we mould the new story together. We have learned a lot in the last few years and doing chapter summaries is one of them. Keeping track of timelines is another. Oh and editing before sending is another. Maybe my friend would like to edit for us!

Are you all caught up with series one and two of Downton Abbey? Series three starts Sunday night. There are more plots and goings on at Downton to choke a horse. Nobody does it better than the Brits for period drama. Fantastic cast and Maggie Smith is superb. I believe we will be seeing Shirley Maclaine in this third part. Should be interesting when these 'ladies' get together.

On to more plotting and editing!


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