Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My own "Bony Pete"

Spring in the book world is very exciting with the slew of new books and author events everywhere. The CBC bookie awards will be announced April 5th but in the meantime you can vote everyday for your favourite author. I am torn with a few of them so it will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

I finished Peggy Blair's debut novel Beggar's Opera in two days. I predict Inspector Ramirez of the Cuban National Revolutionary Police will be a cult favourite. Loved the pacing and all the twists and turns. No pressure Peggy but this fan is waiting to read more about Ricardo Ramirez. Excellent read. check her website.

I am working on a short story and I have a deadline of April 15th. And it's not coming together as it should. Only 5000 words.....That's whats wrong. I need more words, more time, more inspiration and the weather is not helping. Its beckoning me outside. Tomorrow I'll take the laptop and sit at an outdoor cafe and then I'll have no excuse.

I should say we, as in Liz and I. Perhaps she will be full of inspiration on Saturday when we get together for the day to finish Body Perfect. The short story is for the Bony Pete short story contest

The name BONY PETE is causing me to giggle as my husband is called Pete and to put it delicately.. he has no fat on his body. My greatest ambition is to weigh less than he does! The Bony Pete in the contest is the coveted statue of a skeleton. There really is no resemblance!.

If I am not writing this week I will be immersed in R.J.Harlick's "A Green Place for Dying". I'll review later.

Blogging is an easy excuse for not writing so......

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Peggy Blair said...

Thanks for the comments; so glad you enjoyed it!