Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twittering, Linking, and Shopping - Oh My!

The New Year has started and I’m running with new ways to connect and broaden Jamie Tremain’s growing network of those connected with writing, publishing and all things related.

You can now find me on Twitter (pssst look to the right, just above our photo) – ElizabethLindsay@ElizabethLinds5 and Pam has followed suit – PamelaBlance@pblance.   As well we are both “Linkedin” and growing a network base there as well.  We seem to have become energized over the past few weeks and are more than eager to do what it takes to get Body Perfect out there!  Or maybe its just the ever so slightly increasing daylight that has lifted our spirits.  So much good information available on blogs and web sites - how does one decide what is best suited for Jamie Tremain?  Anyone have a crystal ball they’re not using right now?

On a side note, I’m looking forward to the arrival of new living room furniture this weekend!  It will also help provide more of a ‘new beginnings’ atmosphere going hand in hand with kick-starting Jamie Tremain.  As well, I continued with my “Merry Christmas to me” theme and relieved a local clothing outlet of some great bargains this evening.

I’m in the midst of reading Gold Digger by Vicki Delany – there’s something about that Fiona MacGillivray,  I must say, and I’m enjoying the tale, although I don’t know that I would have enjoyed living in that time period; makes me appreciate basic creature comforts all the more!

Oh, and the weather?  Seems like winter’s chill has finally arrived, typical January temperatures – that kind of biting cold that gets right into the bones.  But believe it or not,  rain is forecast for Friday – nothing like variety to keep you on your toes – or on your back if you happen to slip on unexpected ice crossing the parking lot.

As no winning lottery tickets were mine this past weekend, I must once again prepare for the workday tomorrow – but at least a new outfit will help me stay motivated.

If you’re so inclined, follow Pam or I on Twitter – in the meantime,




Karen GIbson said...

Liz, I like your comment, "Merry Christmas to me"

I as well as some of my friends did the samething. I brought myself a GO Bible( audio bible with place for music) as well as a bible to go along with it, Another friend got herself a laptop, as well as a third friend got herself a MP3 player.

Liz said...

Good for you, Karen! Glad to know we are all doing our part to keep the economy going as well!