Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Musings

A  brilliantly sunny, but cold, Sunday here in southern Ontario…icicles are dripping, but once the sun disappears they’ll soon be solid once more.

As Pam mentioned, we had a productive day of revising yesterday.  Amazing how when you read something out loud, you catch errors missed previously.  But I also find that’s when I can really get into our characters and make them more real.  For me that’s especially true of Dorothy and her alter ego(s).  We’ve nearly made it to the end of this first revision and I have to get cracking on typing up what has been reviewed.

We’ve discussed putting more of a focus on Dorothy in this (first?) story; highlighting her strengths to have her as the central protagonist more so than what we have done to date.  Polish, revise, review and then start over again!   Writing truly is a craft and I can envy those who have made the jump from writing to being successfully published.  But for now patience and perseverance are called for. Oh, did I mention perfection also?   Or is that the unattainable?

Almost the end of March – unbelievable!  Having the daylight hours stretch ever longer is so welcome after winter’s darker days, but I don’t want to rush into the sweltering humidity that all too often seems to arrive just as spring is getting started.  The weather will never be perfect for all will it?

And with spring of course comes Income Tax Time….ugh!    Well I have just finished the dreaded task and can put it aside for another year thank goodness.  Numbers are not my strong point so I’m really grateful for electronic tax filing programs that I can breeze through and with the push of a button send off to the government’s tax reviewers.  Not that’s a job I know I would not want!   I much prefer words over numbers, although working in a financial institution has made me appreciate what numbers can do.

Monday is just a few hours away and the work week begins anew, but at least no snow is in the forecast and the driving should be “normal”.

Here’s to having a week with no disasters – big or small, across the globe or in your own home – and may we all appreciate the wonderful things we can enjoy from this life.


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