Sunday, January 16, 2011


2011 is a year of many milestones for my friends and family and I want to celebrate all of them.
I turned sixty-five this month and I am now officially a senior citizen. I have been told there are many perks that come with that moniker.I already had the hearing aids and glasses and my hair has been grey/white for some time.Because I don’t see very well I have ignored the groves and wrinkles on my face until I looked into one of those 5x magnifying mirrors...yikes it’s scary and we won’t even talk about the body.
I am looking into all the wonderful discounts for the aging person. 10% off at the drug store if I manage to get there on a Tuesday. Restaurants and movies and even cheap bus fares if I decide to use them. The local college have great discounts that I will be looking at in the fall. All in all if you have your health and your marbles it’s not a bad deal as we all know what the alternative is. This is the new .....50, 55. Whatever, maybe I will take up..., Oh who knows, the sky’s the limit.

I know of two babies to be born this year; a niece and a friend. Two weddings, one for the first time and the other, a second go at marital bliss. My friend Claudia will be fifty... my sister Rosemary seventy!!!, and the woman I call my other mother, Bertha, will celebrate ninety five years young. And seventy five years driving a car!!!She just renewed her licence. My oldest grandson will be sixteen and hopes to get his car licence. Perhaps I will ask Bertha to give him some lessons!

One more milestone and it is a biggie for me and my husband. Our oldest son will be forty!!!! This brings such a flood of wonderful memories of when he was born and a toddler. He has turned into a fine human being, husband and father.
Oh yes, one more.. In June, forty five years of servitude for me. Just joking Peter!

On June the 10th, Liz and I will have been writing together for four years and hopefully we are nearing completion of our books and are steps nearer to publication. We have a date next Saturday to have a get together to work on a few more chapters.

I officially retire at the end of July and friends and co-workers keep asking me what I will do with my time. Just imagine getting up every morning and be able to sit at my desk and write. I will manage to squeeze in some cleaning and cooking of course,but mainly just write.

Talk soon,

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