Sunday, February 14, 2010

This and That

It's Saint Valentine's Day and I don't see any roses,chocolates or tickets to a far off vacation from my beloved. But then again I forgot all about it. I will have to put all my love into his dinner tonight!

I did get a present from Peter last week. A 12 hour DVD series of lectures on
" Exploring the Writer's Craft- Building Great sentences. So far so good. Next lecture later today.Is he trying to tell me something?

It is nice to relax today knowing that tomorrow is a holiday. It is family day in Canada. Usually on a Sunday I am scrambling to get ready for the work week.

Liz has been vacationing but she emailed to say she had revised Chapter eight and was working on nine. I am continuing to rewrite the synopsis and source suitable agents for our work.

The winter in Southern Ontario where we both live has been neither here nor there. Not enough snow to get upset about and the snow plows lie idle. I hope this means an early spring. Not that I am a gardener by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I am very good at killing off house plants. My favourite orchid lost its flowers last year. Now , there is nothing so pathetic as an orchid with just those pointy leaves that attract dust. I even forgot to water them. Well maybe that is what you have to do. A little neglect and the little beauty started flowering in my bedroom window.

I can't even remember the name of it but alas it was not to last. Stumbling around in the dark the other morning as I do, I decided to straighten the orchid . It was attached to a long stick . Giving it a yank to get it sort of came away in my hand. Well I just stuck it back in the pot and hope it will graft or whatever you call it. Maybe I could talk to it until it's all healed?

I have just missed an event at the library I wanted to see but I will make sure I don't miss the next one. Linwood Barclay, who I have mention before,will be talking about his new thriller "Never Look away". His latest to be released this month on the 23rd is "Fear the Worst". This event is on march 2nd at Oakville Public library.

Off to do my homework!!

Talk soon,


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