Monday, October 12, 2009

A time to be thankful!

The turkey and ham are all gone. No more Brussel sprouts until next year. Yea! and the pumkin just sitting there on my hips. This is the first time in 40 years I have not cooked Thanksgiving dinner. The kids were all otherwise engaged and my husband and I had dinner made by an incredible lady. 93 and counting and she made it and served it herself. We started with spinach salad and moved on to the turkey, ham, squash and BS and of course cranberry sauce. She apologized for not making it herself this year!. Butter tarts and pumpkin pie and chocolates with the coffee and tea. She would not let anyone help her even to clear away the dishes. When she was totally tired out she shooed us away home and went to bed.

Today has been a day for catching up as we are in the middle of a Spring/fall/summer and winter cleanup. We never seem to get on top of things. Hoarding is a specialty in my house and giving up things we no longer need causes real pain. I recently gave up my office that has seen many reincarnations and is now a much needed bedroom but my desk will not fit in the TV room so.. What to do? I think I will move myself into the closet. Have some shelves built and change the doors. Check back here for an update on my latest hairbrained scheme.

When I was not trying to reconfigure the placing of furniture I would sit down with a java and laptop. Two agents now have Madelaine after Liz made some formatting changes. Then we just wait and wait and wait. That seems to be the nature of the beast.

Liz is busy with chapter six of Body and I will work on the synopsis to have it ready to go when the revising is done. She is on vacation this week so we may not hear from her until next week.

Talk soon,



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