Sunday, March 15, 2009

A quacking we will go!

It has taken me about an hour or more to finally get this picture on the blog. Technology is grand when it works but I am exhausted just doing this. Are they not a good looking bunch of grandsons.?
Riley is 13 ,Westyn is 10 and Aidan is six. They all have siblings. Riley's brother Damian is three, Westyn has a sister Penelope who is 5 months and Aidan has the new guy Ryan who is 3 months.
The boys have been with me since Friday evening and when they were not eating they were playing video games until I sent them out for some fresh air. A hectic game of sword fighting and a hike around the ravine tired them out for a bit. They all enjoy drawing and reading. I asked them to critique Madelaine but I did not get any offers .
Sunday afternoon and the boys have gone so I have some much needed down time before going back to the fray tomorrow. Liz and I gave ourselves some homework this w/e so I must get it done. Will give you the results of that later. It's all about the "Genres".

My plan is to go for a walk in the very welcome sunshine, have a nap,dinner and then spend the evening writing.
It's mating time with the ducks at the pond at the back of our house. Peter was wakened with lots of quacking and fighting amongst the ducks. A conquest was made. Later in the morning he pointed out Mr Duck walking behind Mrs Duck going for a walk. Just as it should be! No idea where they were going. Perhaps looking for a bit of privacy.

Talk soon. I will let you know if we get any baby ducklings.


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