Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big Thaw

The big thaw has started and when I was busy slaving away with Liz doing line edits on the book, my house was flooding. Jammed ice from the eaves were melting around the windows and maybe in the ceiling. Plaster had fallen on MY side of the bed and carpets sodden. The downstairs fireplace pilot light was out and water was splashed onto the glass doors. UGH!!. Was I glad not to be at home. I must in all reality leave this to my husband. At the moment I have enough to contend with trying to see and hear, but......
Tonight I was fitted with the latest in hearing aids and they are brilliant. I hardly know I am wearing them. Next thing is the sight and I will be good as new.

The w/e went fast as Liz and I did a line edit of many chapters and are halfway through the fourth draft. It was fun reconnecting with the story and acting it out as we added and subtracted to polish some sentences. This, we have assured ourselves is the final draft!!

I had been working on a list of agents to approach with the manuscript. Lesson learned. What we found was that some were too good to be true. Glad we checked as we could waste a lot of time and get very frustrated. So we have narrowed it down and will work with a few to get us started.

The w/e was not all work as we had dinner out Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning after Liz and her friend Rebecca fed a bunch of wild cats they look after.
I will have Liz over here for a w/e as soon as we get the water situation cleaned up.

Talk soon,


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