Saturday, November 8, 2008

The tree for lovers

Good morning,
It has been eight days between blogs and I apologize. Liz is still coughing but she is on the mend. She has had car troubles that are now fixed and she is on the hunt for new digs. What with her heavy commitment at work and all of the above it is no wonder she has not been writing. So we are in a bit of a slow down. My" in house" Editor is still editing, but slowly, and I might say very thoroughly, but oh does he like to procrastinate. Better not nag or it won't get finished.

Hope to start a short story today for a contest in the Toronto Star. Have the germ of an idea and now it's getting started.

The weather this last two weeks has been glorious and the trees magnificent, but I think it is all over.
The Linden tree or Bass wood outside my office window is on the wane and only has a few leaves left. It has been my barometer on the weather all year. It is called the Lime tree in Britain and is know as the' tree for lovers'. How appropriate for this house!!!Just in case you think I am really up on my trees, I Googled this information.
It has many medicinal properties and makes great honey. If this book is slow in selling then I have my tree to fall back on as a source of income!! My son is an arborist so I will pick his brain about my lovely tree. Let it be known here that when my time comes just plant a tree over my ashes. Not being morbid but never liked the thought of a big slab of marble on top of me.

I just heard from the other half of Jamie Tremain and she had a good lead on a new abode so that's encouraging. She says after a few chores today she will have a look at Madelaine again. She is very frustrated. In writing its important to keep the flow going or you loose the momentum.

My garden has been put to bed by the resident editor/gardener/artist/and stacker of dishes. Today he has an Art class at the local college. I will make a small suggstion when he gets home that he may want to relax with a book by a new Author called jamie Tremain. Do you think that will work?

Enjoy the w/e and talk soon.


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