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Madelaine - Shadows & Light

"Madelaine - Shadows & Light remains on Jamie Tremain's shelf, but is not forgotten.  Madelaine's story will be told.....


Returning from a three day cruise in the Bahamas, where she had gone to escape the demands of work and the worry of her mother's declining health, Madelaine Green, CEO of a head hunting agency in Virginia was not prepared for the unexpected visitor to her office. The visit interrupted her daydream of the magical time she had just spent, and of meeting Raphael Carlos Mejia. An artist, among other things, he had captured Madelaine's heart and imagination.
And so begins a new chapter in Madelaine's life. She becomes swept up investigations of illegal activities involving drugs and illegal aliens. Amidst the danger this brings she learns secrets of her childhood and soon realizes the men in her life may not be who they seem.

Madelaine will soon have to make decisions that pull at her heart and instincts and threaten to turn her world upside down.

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