The Silk Shroud

Excerpt from Chapter One

It was a body all right, but definitely not the human kind. Glossy jet-black hair showed through the opening; it was clearly the crowning glory of an oversized, porcelain doll.  Stooping down to get a closer look, he marveled at the exquisite detail of the fully dressed, life-like creation. Its appearance reminded Paul of a Geisha, with its richly embroidered, colourful kimono, and ghostly face.  Tucked into the waistband of the garment was a bamboo fan, folded at the ready. And by her side a proportionately sized parasol. Very ceremonial looking. Repositioning the bag, he now could see that one hand of the gorgeous creature had indeed poked its way through the bag. 


Paul Webster needs help. His planned business merger is threatened by mysterious events involving life like Geisha dolls, a curious silken fabric with unheard of qualities and smuggled artifacts from the Far East. Enter private investigator Dorothy Dennehy.  She and her team are enlisted by the FBI to help solve a decade’s old crime.  As Paul and Dorothy work closely together to unravel events, their relationship becomes more than just business like.

Set in Portland, Oregon, The Silk Shroud combines mystery and action as Dorothy and Paul avoid murder attempts, discover a body – whose state of decay puzzles the coroner -  and rescue a proud and independent business woman from the abusive clutches of her deceitful and manipulative suitor.

As Paul and Dorothy’s relationship grows deeper, each must reveal a part of their past at the risk of destroying the bond they have developed.  Sharing honest emotions and committing to their professional and personal relationship sees them move ahead to sharing future exploits, near and far.

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