Thursday, June 5, 2014

Should I - Shouldn't I?

Yes those are the daunting questions facing me as I confront the items I’ve deemed absolutely necessary for this weekend’s Bloody Words MysteryConference in Toronto.  Problem is physics of course.  The stuff I have can’t possibly fit into the space available.  And to make matters worse, I’m also fighting a wave of procrastination!   Hence my presence here.

I’ve been to a doctor’s appointment this morning, had some blood work done and see the clock ticking away.  Speaking of blood work – here’s a hint to my Saturday evening costume for the Bloody Words Banquet and Awards Ceremony.  (Yes, I've packed band aids.)

Looking forward to meeting Kay Kendall of “Desolation Row” fame and she is scheduled to be the next interview here on Jamie Tremain’s blog.  I just finished reading her debut novel last week and would recommend it, especially to anyone who is familiar with the downtown Toronto scene of 1968-69.  She captured the era very well, at the same time introducing a likeable amateur sleuth caught up in a murder.   At Bloody Words, Kay will be chairing a panel about authors and their characters. 

Some changes this week at work – a lateral move in the near future for yours truly.  Similar work, but on another floor and under different management.  While it will be very hard to leave the group I’ve been with for many years, I’m also somewhat excited about new changes.  And the BEST thing is that the location is on the second floor – much more convenient for those dreaded fire drills and means I have no need to rely on elevators!  I will start my new role on an Administration team September 1.

Pam and I are sad this is the last year for Bloody Words – each time we’ve attended we came away with loads of helpful information, and best of all, new friends.  Hoping the coming year will at least see some paired down workshops or mini-conferences.  While Facebook, Twitter etc all have their place, there’s no comparison when you can meet face to face.

OK, enough, back to the packing I go.

We’ll be sure to have an update when we return.  In the meantime we’d love to know what books YOU are reading now?  Do you have a favourite author and why?  Drop us a line at any time, or leave a comment below.

Have a great weekend – Cheers!


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