Friday, April 5, 2013


Hooked on Pinterest - the discovery has recently been made and the unlimited reach and variety of the  web has drawn me in!    Boards – public AND secret?   Followers and following.  Unlimited DIY ideas, crafts, recipes.  Oh and animals - lots of smiles and 'awe's as I scroll through pictures pinned by others.  Taking precedence are cats – from a magnificent Ligar (cross between a lion and tigress) to Norwegian Forest cats. Noble and stunning horses are also finding their way onto my boards.  All things books, and oh, what a great place to line up those unattainable celebrity crushes!  Both current day and from long ago teenage angst.   For example James Drury – TheVirginian from the early ‘70’s..such a crush I had on that cowboy!  Anyone else remember that western? Today’s equivalent is Jon Hamm….apparently a tall dark, brooding, and handsome theme still runs through my veins!

Not to mention being able to gather all things Star Trek and Tolkien.    It’s like having a library and craft room all in one tiny  but unlimited  space – my computer.  With the beauty of not having to dust anything!  However the question is – how will this benefit my pursuit of writing and is there room for Jamie Tremain amidst the boards.   Pinterest is fast becoming another popular social media and I believe I can see some benefits – networking with other authors and writers for one.   How neat to have a spot to gather, and organize, books related to this wonderful community of writers.

Tomorrow is a planned Jamie Tremain day as I trek off to spend it with Pam in Oakville – she has promised a lunch at Stoney’s – if we can get in the door!  Then we need to work on our collaborative offering for the Scene of the Crime short story contest – due next month.  How to merge two different endings into one tale – there’s a challenge.  Lots of coffee please!

Pam will have another interview to post by month’s end – its sure to be a good read.  Make sure you keep checking back so as not to miss it!   And feel free to join me on Pinterest – who knows what ideas I’ll be able to ‘pin’ from you!




Pam said...

That's all I need. Another site for me to get lost in. You will have to show me tomorrow Liz as I am all out of room in the old grey cells to handle another social network site.
Coffee will be ready by 9.30. Do I have to dust and stuff?

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

No dusting required - just have coffee ready :-)

Michele Paterson said...

Looks like this will be another website that will "steal" my time like so many others that I have become "tangled" up in... Guess that's why they're called WEB sites... :-)

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

I'm fascinated by the creativity people have and are willing to share...not to mention recipes. It's true sure can take your time!