Friday, March 29, 2013

Life With Elizabeth

No, not me, but a small gem of TV history just recently discovered on Netflix.  Starring Betty White and from the early 1950’s it contains some side-splitting moments with Betty White as a newly-wed.  Proof once again that comedy doesn't need to be vulgar and obscene.  To quote from Amazon  "Unlike the format of normal sitcoms, LWE did not feature a single narrative, rather several 'incidents' (sort of "A Day in the Life of Elizabeth"), hosted and narrated by Jack Narz. Betty White glows as Elizabeth with fine support from Del Moore as patient husband Alvin. LIFE WITH ELIZABETH ran for three years in syndication. Simple, homely domestic comedy."      If you get the opportunity do watch it and know that, as with I Love Lucy, the best comedy is timeless.

Being Good Friday, the morning was spent attending a Passion Play, put on by Kitchener Holy Trinity Church.  The first time I've been to that church and was curious to see what their presentation would entail.  It didn't disappoint, and while a low key production and simply presented, the effect was moving and very appropriate to the day.  Well done to all involved -  I plan to be back on Sunday.  Then lunch afterwards  and here it is almost five hours later and no hunger pangs to trigger something for supper.

I have letter number three now from grandson Michael as our pen pal relationship develops. He seems to be enjoying it, and I know that I certainly am.  In this most recent note he says he can’t believe he’s ten years old now.  Well, guess what…neither can I!

Hope you're enjoying Pam’s interviews – if you could see the list she has lined up!  When she was still my co-worker, one of her strengths was conducting informal ‘getting to know you’ interviews for the monthly newsletter that I produce.  And even though she’s been retired nearly two years now, printed copies of those interviews still decorate the wall.

We've been working on a short story for a few weeks in anticipation of the upcoming Scene of the Crime in August, and did the first thousand words in tandem, but then at my suggestion we branched out and finished the story independently.   Earlier this week we swapped our finished tales and how very interesting to see how different we treated the ending!   Next Saturday we plan to spend the day in Jamie Tremain mode and see how we want to integrate these endings into one.

I leave you with this whimsical reminder that it really is Spring and send Easter wishes your way.


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