Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best of Intentions

After burrowing in when 30 cm of the lovely white stuff was coming down on Friday I had the notion to cancel my trip to Guelph to visit with Liz on the Saturday. We were meeting with Alison Bruce who has very kindly agreed to be our mentor in this journey of ours to have our book published. (I’ll tell you more of Alison later.)

Saturday morning  dawned with brilliant sunshine; the Weather Network said no precipitation and all roads were now cleared. That didn't stop me getting lost. I forgot my directions, no GPS and I never carry a phone. The one person I spoke to for directions had an accent I couldn't understand. But I did have a lovely tour of the University town of Guelph. I eventually recognized Edinburgh Road and I was on my way. Ironic as Edinburgh is my home town.  Serendipity. I love that word.

Liz and I had a fruitful morning working on some edited pages from Alison. We met at Starbucks getting to know her and visa versa. Two hours later I was all pumped to write the novel of the century. Liz felt the same way and it feels like a good fit.

I made it home by 5.30pm. Roads were dry and still the sun was shining. I was raring to get home and write this post when my sunshiny day turned to gloom. A large leak in the roof had water pouring into my bedroom. Have you ever tried getting construction people out on a Saturday night? All my towels and absorbent clothes my husband had in the basement for .. wait for it... a rainy day! Well we sure needed them.

Did I mention my office is in a corner of the bedroom? Thankfully the water has not crept to that part but when I am not wringing out towels I’m moving my desk and office stuff before it does. And where are the!@#$% workmen.

It’s now Monday and the freezing rain has descended just to get my blood pressure up. The workmen or should I say workman is here taking out large amounts of drywall and soaking wet insulation.Industrial sized dehumidifiers are set to dry things out. The water has gone through to the living room and another machine is there also. "Its like being in a wind tunnel" said my nervous wreck of a husband. Not very many times I say I’m thankful to be hard of hearing. A contractor is coming this afternoon to clear away the foot of snow from the roof and fix the leak. The machines will be here until Wednesday!!

I've been busy to say the least but we’ll come through it. People have it far worse than us. I’m pretty resilient so I’m off to shore up my husband and his nervous breakdown and wring a few more clothes.

One of the things we did discuss with Alison Bruce was to have a guest blogger. Liz and I are grateful to the writing community for all the help we get. So for our inaugural guest blogger we have asked Alison and she has agreed. As soon as my new office/spare room is set up I’ll compose some scintillating! questions to ask our new friend and mentor.

Gotta go. There’s a man on the roof.
Talk soon,


Alison E. Bruce said...

Next time I hear you have a man on your roof, I want it to be Santa Claus. ;)

I'm glad we had a nice afternoon before the shit hit the fan - er snow hit the bedroom. Your roof fell and my face fell. I have Bell's Palsy. Like your roofing troubles, this too shall pass.

Liz said...

So sorry, Alison, to hear your prediction was right. Hope this will be a short "down" time!
All I have to complain about is adjusting to a CPAP machine - probably a piece of cake compared to you two!

Pam said...

I'm sure my troubles will be gone by the w/e. Look after yourself and don't worry about JT. You can forget Santa Claus I'd rather have George Clooney.