Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have shut the blinds in my office as I am spending too much time watching those bushy tailed rodents called squirrels fly through the air in death defying leaps and try to figure out the names of some finches that have been eating berries from my cherry tree. At least I think it’s a cherry tree. Are they even finches?  What I should be engaged in is writing my synopsis or query letters. My middle name is ‘procrastination’ and so far this morning I managed  some housework, ( a very rare occurrence)  booked an eye appointment and yearly physical, checked FB and email and now I have another pot of coffee to keep me company while I get to the task at hand. Writing the blog is another method of avoidance but at least I'm writing.

I received an email last week from a lovely lady I had met at the Bloody Words conference in June and then again at a book launch. She invited me to lunch and a chinwag with a few of her writing pals. I think she mentioned wine... We met on Tuesday at Moxi’s. What a fun lunch. It was just what I needed to get my juices flowing again. The discussion ranged from honey and apple farming to different sites to help in the publishing of our books. Social we need a presence on it?  Rob is the only one on FB but they all use Twitter. Perhaps if I used it more often I would get the hang of synopsis writing. We drove the servers crazy as the group likes to chat for a long time and then eat. We were there for four hours and I learned so much. Thanks guys.

Denise Willson hails from Kilbride and writes paranormal romances. Her query letter went off this week in search of a publisher. Good luck with that Denise. Rita Bailey, a Hamilton writer has a work in progress. Her genre is Historical for young adults. Lots of research tips there. Tanis Mallow (Caledon) and Rob Brunet (Toronto) both write crime fiction that may be darker than mine as they offered to teach me a few swear words!! I told them I could manage that quite well. Liz Lindsay (Guelph) the other half of Jamie Tremain would have liked to have been there but has a problem leaving the office. Maybe a Saturday get together!!

Missing in action was D.J. (Dorothy) McIntosh author of the Babylon trilogy.  Her first book ‘The Witches of Babylon’ has now launched in the States and she was on tour. I look forward to meeting up with her when she’s back. I do have her book and it’s in my pile ‘to be read’. I’ll move it to the top.

I look forward to another meeting and the ‘literary ramblings’ of this fun bunch. If I misquoted anyone I apologize. It was very noisy for a while and I had a problem hearing. Liz usually interprets for me.

The sun’s still shining and the colors filtering through the ravine are glorious. A few trees still have leaves especially a large weeping willow that graces the pond. When we moved here twenty three years ago my son Erik worked with the builder at a summer job. One of his jobs was to plant this tree. I have great affection for this tree as it now stands at least 50-60 ft. Erik has come full circle as he now works as an arborist with the City of Toronto.I think I’ll take a walk and visit the tree before I start the synopsis. No procrastination here. I just need to clear my head.

Stay tuned for an update as the deadline (self imposed) for sending out Body Perfect is only two weeks away.
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