Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Renaissance Woman

This 95 year young beauty gave me a history lesson of the High Park area of Toronto this past week. We drove around the park to see the Sakura Cherry tree blossom, have lunch and a visit. Bertha regaled me with stories of her youth and her association with High Park. She was born in the area in 1916, and as we meandered through streets choked with cars we saw many houses that she has lived in or to ‘quote’, her old stomping grounds. She indicated 'that things had changed quite a bit.' She pointed out landmarks and mentioned girls she had gone to school with and noted that some things don't always change for the better! The depression and massive unemployment as had WWII made an indelible impression on her life.

A renaissance woman if ever I knew one, Bertha is wonderful company. Continues to run her own life, keeps her own apartment and still drives her car. She likes to help her 'elderly' neighbors by picking up their groceries.

My friend of forty five years has always been a fashion plate and worked in the industry until she was seventy five. When I picked her up this week she was sporting a very fashionable Jones of New York jacket with her pink lipstick matching pink gel nails. She was not impressed by the jeans I was wearing! Rarely using glasses especially in pictures, 'they make me look old' she reads a daily newspaper and keeps up to date by reading Zoomer and Macleans magazine. She couldn't wait to tell me that Macleans informed her ' ninety is the new sixty'. In her case I believe it.

**** Body Perfect**** alert. Unless an editor would like us to change a few things before publishing our baby we can finally say it's finished....I think. Are writers ever satisfied with their work? As of today Liz received confirmation of BP arriving at Poison Pen Press to be judged for a contest. It certainly forced us to finish it having a deadline. Whew! Now on to the next book. Very exciting to start fresh on a new story wondering how our characters will evolve.

And now on to query letters and agents and publishers. We'll let you know what's happening.

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