Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreams vivid and wild!

While Liz has been seeing the sights of Toronto on a much needed break from work I have been at the computer for three days revising until my eyes are burning. The sun is shining and it is a cold crisp day but it does not interest me. We are at the point in this journey of having the book ready for sending out to publishers where we eat and sleep the story. My dreams are vivid and wild. I wonder what Paul and Dorothy would be up to if I used my dreams for some of the action. Unfortunately they disappear too fast and I am sure I have lost a few good plots along the way.

A trip to Guelph is on the agenda this week to format the chapters and make some changes. I have finished Chapter 15 and may finish this afternoon. love this LOGO of the Bloody Words conference. We are booked to attend at the beginning of June. We are looking forward to meeting other authors and readers and learning more about the craft.

I have had a notion to get a dog lately with lots of nagging from my grandson Riley. I am not motivated to go walking at all and I know that with any dog you certainly need to. Does anyone know anything about Portuguese water dogs or has one? This breed I find rather attractive, not too big and does not shed.

Did I mention that Liz is a quarterly winner in the Centre she works in at the bank? Well deserved. I am not sure how she gets it all done. What with the commuting, publishing a monthly newsletter for work and Jamie Tremain, she still finds time to see her four grandchildren. The busiest people get the most done it appears.

Managed to read a Harlan Coben book this week, “Gone for Good”. A master of the fast paced book .

OK, blogging does not count in my writing goal.

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Pam said...

Not sure what happened to the LOGO. Adding pictures is not not my forte.