Friday, September 2, 2011

Week's End

Yes indeed, another Friday and the start of the summer’s last long weekend.  How the heck did THAT happen?   Seems like only last week I was looking forward to the start of Spring!  I’m beginning to understand now the lament of my parents and their peers regarding the ever accelerating passage of time.  And I think Pam’s retirement has brought that into closer focus recently as well. 

Pam is certainly looking more rested and relaxed than a few short weeks ago and I think her idea of some regular time at the local library is terrific.  It will provide a semi-structured routine for her and I’m sure with no interruptions she’ll have that synopsis done in no time!    I’m anticipating sitting down with Body Perfect and re-reading now from the first and, as Pam noted, make suggestions as I go and see how they compare with any notes or corrections she may note.  And as this is a long weekend I hope there will be some time to do just that!

A warm and oppressive day here in Ontario, but looking at the long term forecast we are definitely heading into more fall-like temperatures next week.  With apologies to those who love the sun and heat – I’m looking forward to those days when a jacket or sweater are needed and the sandals are put away for another year.  Fall Fairs abound on the weekends now and school starts up again on Tuesday – definitely signs of the change in seasons.

It will be good to have a day with Pam and get back into the writing groove; we are both more than anxious to see Body Perfect in a bound format similar to Madelaine.  Then it will be available for friends to read and provide feedback – already the waiting list is growing.   You’ll be the first to know when its off to the printers.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, be safe, count your blessings and…read a good book!



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