Saturday, September 24, 2011

So many books...

So many books to read and not enough time. Tuesday evening saw me at the library for an event that was just my style.

“An Evening for Book Lovers”. This event was facilitated by the librarians from different libraries. They introduced eighteen books that they recommended for either personal enjoyment or book clubs. There are quite a few book clubs in Oakville. Of the eighteen books I would read at least ten of them. But when would I get any writing done. I am half way through the third book in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. Good stuff.

Wednesday evening I am attending Sheridan College from7-10pm and I have loads of homework. Super teacher and I enjoy her style. I have a book review due November and the book I have picked is by Vicki Delaney. GOLD FEVER. Really enjoyed it so must read it again to get all the details for my review.

Journaling and writing 5-10 pages every week for reading to the class is also on my agenda this week.

Liz has solved all her computer issues and is taking a well deserved girls weekend vacation. We are planning in October to try and meet weekly. At least that is my plan and I am waiting to see if Liz agrees. We need the time to move things along a little quicker. Easy for me to say when I don’t get up at the godforsaken time of 4.30am that Liz is wont to do!!! I am not sure who her psychiatrist is!!

Tomorrow I wanted to attend the Toronto “Word on the Street” festival that is held on this w/e every September at Queen’s Park. I have poured over the schedule in the newspaper and see dozens of booths I would like to attend but I can’t make it this year. I will just have to get my homework done instead.... Linwood Barclay will be there and Vicki Delaney and loads of super writers I want to listen to.

Ok ,I have stopped whining.

Talk soon,



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