Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making plans

Today I actually had to put on some regular clothes. Making myself fairly presentable and adding lip gloss I was ready to face the office that I had left only a month before. After the usual Thursday Pizza lunch with Liz and Cheryl we caught up with all the gossip and then I went to visit with everyone I had worked with for the last ten years.

In the preceding month I had agonized about whether I had made a mistake about retiring. I missed the usual routine of going to work every day and being with my friends and colleagues. It was great to see them and catch up but when I left, and I could leave, the pressure was off. What I think I need to do is add more structure to my day.

Driving home, and not in traffic for a change I decided to go to the library. I have not been to the library for many years so I applied for a new card and walked around and admired the changes. This library is very up to date with all kind of events going on. Book clubs and seminars are scheduled in the evenings. Many computers to use for those that don’t have the use of one at home and an area for using a laptop. As well as books you can borrow e-readers and cd’s. I have decided to go three days a week with my trusty laptop and work in relative peace and quiet with no interruptions. I will let you know of my progress there.

Tonight I have started the final polishing of Body Perfect. Liz and I will each correct and make notes on a manuscript and then when we meet on the 10th we can make the changes we need. When I am not doing the revisions I will be working on the hated synopsis. I have done a load of reading lately on how best to tackle writing a 300 page book into a 2 page synopsis that is going to knock the socks off an agent. Wish me luck.

We are now into my favourite time of year and the weather is just fine. Still rather warm but autumn is not far away. Others have not been so fortunate. Tornadoes, Hurricanes, flooding and tropical storms have been raging in many parts of the country. I rather enjoy watching weather but it is best from the safety of my living room on television.

New season, new way of spending my days, doing something I love. Now Liz needs to retire as well so that we can rattle these books out faster. Must be nice to be so young!
Talk soon,

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