Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lazy Saturday

 And apparently not just for mere humans either.

I enjoyed watching the squirrels basking in the sun.  And unusual for them, it was a treat to see both black and grey squirrels sharing the same space. Normally there would be much chasing and chattering if these rodent cousins crossed paths!

Mid way through a three day weekend and not feeling much ambition for anything.  Maybe it’s the weather, because finally we have some sunshine today and the temperatures are much more spring like!
Seems I just want to enjoy having the windows open and feeling a relatively warm spring breeze sweep through the house. 

Some laundry has been on the agenda and putting together Easter baskets for the grandchildren for tomorrow – that’s been pretty much the extent of the day’s energy output! Body Perfect sits before me and I will try and get some more of the revised pages cleaned up.   But the supper hour beckons and that will need to be dealt with first.

Let’s see; what else is in the works right now.  The price of gas – disgusting, with promises to go even higher!  As well I need to have new brakes installed on my car within the next week or two...ouch $$$.   And our federal election heads into the home stretch; my mind is already decided so I’m not too bothered by the endless commercials and flyers.

Well that's too much brain commotion for now, so I'll just end by wishing all a very Happy Easter – whether its lazy or filled with activity.



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