Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's in a Weekend?

How the world can change so quickly.  The devastation that has rocked Japan is mind boggling and will no doubt have world wide consequences.  Once again we are humbly reminded of our fragile existence and that life shouldn’t be wasted. 

Closer to home this has been a very busy weekend.  Came home from work Friday, had a very light supper and then went straight to bed. No, not sick, but trying to get some sleep in anticipation of heading to the airport, with a friend,  for a 2:00 a.m. pick up of friends returning from a mission trip.  Managed to sleep a couple of hours and then got up to get ready to leave at midnight.  Thankfully the flight wasn’t delayed and after dropping off our friends, I was back home in bed by 4:30.  They had an amazing time with countless stories to tell of their time spent with a medical team in the Dominican, and I look forward to seeing some photos soon.

Well, that’s not so bad, you’re thinking.  After all, a good party might not end until the wee hours and then one heads to bed to sleep in.  Except in my case, the party comes AFTER the sleeping.  Yesterday was a birthday party for two of my grandsons, Michael and Noah, whose birthdays are nine days apart.  No self respecting grandmother could NOT attend.   So after a few hours sleep (less than 5) it was time to shake off the cobwebs and get ready.   

I did receive a nice surprise once I was up – a floral delivery for my upcoming birthday from a special friend in Florida – thanks again Karen!  The flowers are so pretty to look at during these dreary last days of winter.

Poor Noah…his birthday celebration and not only has he been sick to his stomach most of the day, but he woke to find his much loved guinea pig “Hulkfish” (yes that was the name as could only be chosen by a not-quite three year old) had passed away.  He was quite the trooper for the party and would perk up for some gift opening but then have to go and lie down again or head off to the bathroom.

Left the party to come home to grab an hour’s rest, because my other two grandchildren, Makenna and Max were going to be coming for a sleepover.  So that’s been fun, but needless to say we didn’t make it a late night!  Both were sound asleep by 9 and half an hour later I joined them!

So now here it is 8:30 (daylight savings time – it had to be this weekend of course!) and they are still sound asleep.  Which brings me here, literally, to get caught up what’s been happening.

And now Makenna has just stumbled upon me at the computer, so its time to wrap up and see about breakfast and wonder what this week will bring.


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