Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vernal Equinox

It is the first day of spring or as it is known, the Vernal Equinox. The view from my window gives all indication that it is true. No snow in sight and green emerging everywhere. The creek is flowing quite fast as the snow has now melted. I really should take a walk around the ravine but it is still very muddy and the temperature hovers at 6 degrees. I will wait until it warms up some more.

I love Sunday’s. Hopefully I have finished the housework stuff and can have some peace and quiet in my office. Andre Bocelli is blaring from the stereo and I am settled at the computer ready to finish my short story. Just because it is short does not mean it takes a short while to write!!. I have been blocked for a few weeks and then my computer crashed last Thursday. Woe is me; I thought I had lost what I was working on. Liz will be proud of me as I had started to back up my work on those travel drives. For some reason the computer has recovered but it is stuck at July 2010. It is all a mystery to me. @#$%^

My problems are so very trivial compared to the people in Japan and Libya. As I watch the horror and listen to the news reports on TV I am continually astonished at the resiliency and courage they are all showing at their darkest moments.

It is my turn to go to Guelph next Saturday to do some revisions on Body Perfect. No, this is not the perfect way to write a book but it is the best we can do. I had to have Liz remind me where we left off as it has been ages since we had a session. This is a stage of the collaboration we have to do together. We have finished Chapter nine so on to ten and beyond. The one good thing about having a break between sessions is that you see the story with fresh eyes and notice either glaring holes or mistakes.

On a personal note I want to say Happy Birthday to Liz. Hope you had a good w/e JT.
The other congratulations due is my sister Caroline and husband James will be grandparents for the first time this year. Welcome to the club.

No more procrastinating. I am off to try and finish my story.

Talk soon,

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