Friday, September 17, 2010

Cooler Temperatures + Time Off = Writing Productivity

I've been enjoying a few days away from work. How nice not to have to obey the alarm clock at 4:30!  Getting up by seven instead is wonderful.

Yesterday was a typical rainy fall day.  Damp (have to admit to firing up the furnace to take the chill off!) and grey all the day long.  However for me, that’s a bonus for writing. A mug of coffee and the patter of rain outside leads to an amazing spurt of activity in writing.

Since being home, I’ve revised three whole chapters of Body Perfect and am well into Chapter 19.  It’s flowing amazingly well and I have to admit I really do like these characters and love the storyline – can’t wait to finish Draft One and then Pam and I will have a day to review it from scratch together.  We’ve learned much from our numerous drafts with Madelaine and hope that translates into a more streamlined process with Body.

But I’m not going to be able to enjoy a full day at writing today unfortunately.   Several weeks ago, during my usual highway commute, another chip occurred in my windshield which has now grown to a very long crack.  So off to the glass repair shop I go in about an hour.  My daughter in law will drive me back home and then I’ll have to get back up there before 5 this afternoon to pick it up.  And yet another claim which won’t be going through insurance.  With the amount of highway driving I do, this is becoming a too often thing and its less costly in the long run to pay for it myself.

The weekend approaches – nothing really planned so hopefully I might be able to fit in some more writing.  Perhaps even finishing off the first draft before returning to work on Monday, who knows?  If the equation fits the result will be summed up in the next blog!

Enjoy the day.



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