Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Images from Bloody Words

Giles Blunt was the Canadian Guest of Honour
This picture was taken at the "Sisters in Crime Luncheon". Deon Meyers from South Africa reads from his latest thriller "Thirteen Hours".
Ross Pennie an Infectious Disease Doctor who has written his first medical mystery, "Tainted". He also has a memior of Papau New Guinea. " The Unforgiving Tide"
Pam and Anthony Bidulka author of the Russell Quant Series
Pam & Robert Landori the author of "Fatal Greed". His new book is coming out shortly. Sorry, name escapes me.
Vicki Delaney sporting her Victorian hat to promote her Klondike series. This is an example of my bad photography. Sorry Vicki.
Pam & R.J. Harlick at the banquet. Robin is the author of the Meg Harris series.

This is a picture of Caro Soles and her friend Boney Pete. Caro started Bloody Words in 1999. I attended a three hour class on Sunday morning with her. Planning and plotting. Excellent.

This is just a few of the images from the convention. Photography is not my forte, so lets hope my writing is better.

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