Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloody Words X

Since last I wrote the weather has taken a change for the better here in Southern Ontario. Dry, sunny, hot and temperatures in the high 20's. My five day vacation from my work at the bank was spent at the Hilton Hotel enjoying the Bloody Words conference in Toronto. Not to give the wrong impression, I have to tell you I did not stay at the hotel as I am not making the big bucks yet!!!

What a well run conference this was and very exciting to meet many of my favourite authors and listen to them in panel discussions and classes where I could learn some more about the craft of mystery and crime writing. It was lovely to meet others Liz and I had chatted with last year in Ottawa and have them remember us and give encouragement. Many of the attendees do not write but are avid readers and of course without them who would buy the books. They run book clubs and work in libraries and reccomend books they themselves like.

Lots of networking with the passing of cards and book marks. Mystery writers are a friendly group and I talked to journalists and short story writers as well as script writers and film makers. This was the tenth anniversary of the conference so there was a party on the Friday evening and of course the banquet on the Saturday night with Linwood Barclay as MC. He was his usual humourous self and had us all in stiches. . I can't wait to read his latest thriller- Never Look Away.

The Canadian guest of honour was the incomparible Giles Blunt. I was very fortunate that the dealers room gave me an uncorrected proof of his latest novel to come out in August called Crime Machine. Those of you who know his work will be glad that John Cardinal is back.

Deon Meyer was the International guest of honour and he hails from South Africa. He also writes thrillers and the Guardian says "A hell of a thriller" to one of his books called "Blood Safari". That is also on my list. -

I am reading Vicki Delaney's Klondike series at the moment and attended a tea she had recently here in Oakville to promote the books. Very enjoyable.

John Moss has finished his latest Quin and Morgan Mystery. Sorry John I have forgotten the name. Please check his blog for word of a launch date and the name.

I had a wonderful dinner companion in R.J.Harlick ( Robin)who writes the Meg Harris mysteries. She was a recent nominee for the Arthur Ellis award for best novel. Her recent book takes place in the Artic and she visited the wondrous Artic to do her research. It is called... "Artic Blue Death".

There were many more authors that deserved to be mentioned like Pamela Callow and Rick Moffina. Rick Bletcha and a young fellow by the name of Stephen Legault who is launching his second book "The Darkening Archipelago" next month.

I would be remiss if I did not mention my friend Anthony Bidulka who has just brought out his seventh book in the Russell Quant Mystery Series. His books are highly entertaining. Check out "Date with a Sheesha". I know you will enjoy reading them.

Now when am I going to find the time to write myself if I have all this reading to do?I usually don't look forward to the first day back at work but I am looking forward to bringing Liz up to date on the happening with the Bloody gang.

I will chat later in the week.


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