Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sloughing off Slothfulness!

Slothful says she…well here’s my weekend’s activities.

Yesterday saw me off to the bank at 9 a.m. to take care of some paperwork. Then it was off to work for 4 hours of overtime. Sadly the 4 hours made only the smallest of dents in the volume of work awaiting us tomorrow. On Friday I likened the load to us swimming upstream in quicksand. While others have been loaned to us from various departments to help out, it still becomes so overwhelming to think we may never get on top of the volume of applications which need attending to!

I arrived back home just after 3 pm and without hesitation made my own dent…on my couch, where I drifted off almost immediately into blessed slumber! Awoke, took care of several loads of laundry; some vacuuming and dusting also cried out for attention. And then it was more sofa time. When I finally turned on the TV I realized I had been missing out on a Law and Order marathon day! One of my favourite television series, I catch it whenever I can. So after a healthy dose of the fictional workings of what man is capable of inflicting upon his fellow human (or maybe NOT so fictional after all) it was off to bed.

This morning I attended Church, afterwards went for lunch at a favourite restaurant overlooking the water and then back home. Put my laundry away…and wonder of wonders even ironed! In between, I have been tidying up Madelaine…we will be taking the story along on a travel drive when we attend the conference in June so want it in tip top, ready to go, shape. Because of course, surely there will be a connection made and a full manuscript needed at a moment's notice!

And now as Sunday evening draws to a close, the thought of work once again intrudes on all other thoughts. It will be another very busy week, both at work and personally. Never enough hours in the day to get through it all. At least I have started another of my famous lists to prepare for our Bloody Words Conference – what to take and what needs to be purchased!

Well, do have a good week! I’ll be back again, but probably not before my partner. She may feel she has been slothful, but in reality, we all need a good dose of that at times.



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