Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An evaluation

"Bloody Words" received the manuscript today for evaluation. Only three chapters but that is the norm. Roll on June when we will hear if our efforts have been worth it. I have two more to send in the mail tomorrow and then the waiting begins. We may hear in six weeks or six months or not at all. That is the nature of the beast.

This w/e I am starting back at reading Body Perfect to familiarize myself with the characters and the storyline as we have not looked at it for some time. This book is our real baby and we have a lot of fun with the characters. The conference we are attending in June should help us pull some of the finer points of police procedures together and learn some more about forensics and pathology.

The weather appears to be warming up but not quite bikini weather yet. Liz is still extremely busy at work. I am busy at work but... compared to Liz I feel as if I am on a holiday.

Talk soon,

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