Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dropped on the head!!

I am struggling with my hearing and my eyesight and if you find lots of mistakes in this blog you will know the reason why. Not that I need my hearing to type but I certainly need my eyesight as I am not a natural typist evn after three years typing class when I was at school. But that was many years ago.
I managed to write one synopsis for an agents letter today with the help of Microsoft. I was able to make the screen black and the writing white to cut the glare. I also have my new wrapapround glasses that are I suppose for those who like to brave the ski slopes and dont light the sun and snow blinding them. Wonder if I can parade around in them at work tomorrow?

It wont be long before I can hear again as I was fitted yesterday for new hearing Aids and a personal microphone and receiver. That should make a big difference. It will certainly make communicateing easier for me but also my family and friends. Liz has always been my interpreter at work especially in meeting and now that she has moved on I miss her stepping in to help me.

I was asked recently if my mother had dropped me on my head as a baby!!!! Wheeese. well she may have but my hearing loss is hereditory and I just have weak eyes. I will be good as new very soon.

Thank goodness I can still write and could always dictate into my tape recorder if necessary. The desire to tell a story is all thats needed and with Madelaine I hope we have accomplished that. Liz is knocking off the chapters and is nearing completion. When it is ready we will send to the printers to have it bound just for us and then I will send queries to hand picked agents.

If my eyes permit I will start reading and revising Body Perfect. We have not done the finishing chapter but it is so long since we looked at it I need to reaccquaint myself and get into the skin of Dorothy and Paul once more. Need to get a few ideas down for the next in the series as well. Will use my tape recorder for that.

With all this technology I use I think shares in a battery company is th way to go.


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