Monday, September 29, 2008

Bloody Words

Yoo Hoo,
I'm back. I picked up my computer tonight and answered about 75 emails. It's so nice to have it back. I have not exactly been idol but scribbling with pen and paper is not quite so fast without spell check and the grammer fixes the computer gives you.

I read two books this past few weeks and also read and edited a few chapters of Madelaine. Liz and I will make a date soon to spend the day and finalize the manuscript before sending it out.

That is something else I have done. I found one or two agents to get a feel of what their expectations are.
Drafted a few query letters but writing different synopsis I found quite difficult. Putting a 300 page manuscript into a paragraph or two is quite daunting but I will persevere to get it just right.

Yesterday was a typical Fall day. Sun blazing down , the colour of the trees magnificent and just a perfect day for Toronto's yearly Book festival, "The Word on the street". I try and go every year and I was not disappointed. I shamelessly promoted Jamie Tremain and bought a few other books from aspiring novelists. I listened to a few authors read from their work and all in all a most enjoyable day. I recommend anyone who likes books to go next year. The setting is perfect around Queen's Park with all the University buildings giving off the right ambience to this event. I met some very interesting people and was invited to attend a Mystery Conference next June being held in Ottawa. It's called Bloody Words. Just love the name so we may check this out.It's reccommended that smoozing and networking and self promotion is equally as important as the writing it's self.
Work, I mean the work we get paid for, is getting to be very demanding of our time and we seem to have less and less to spend reading our work but we will keep on trucking.

It's nice to be back and please feel free to comment or give your opinions about anything you fancy.


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Liz said...

Whoohoo!!!! At long last you are back in the land of the living - at least the cyber-living!
Great to see you back in business and looking forward to moving full steam ahead!