Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm Back!!!

And very relieved to be able to say that!

After a week with no computer and limited access to my email and favourite sites I've FINALLY been able to get back online.

My computer crashed a week ago, requiring the purchase of a new upgrade (which is quite nice, lots of space to fill up!), and then the headache of dealing with the tech support of my internet provider because the disc I previously used to connect the internet, would not, of course, be compatible with Windows Vista (another upgrade, which so far I quite like). After a frustrating phone conversation I requested they send a new disc. It arrived yesterday - with absolutely no instructions and didn't just "run" at start up! More frustration, but the end result is that I'm back!

This evening will be spent trying out the trial version of Microsoft 2007 which was deviously installed as a special 60 day offer. And the last hurdle, hooking up my email accounts.

But at least I feel like I've returned from an unexpected hiatus and am very anxious to get back into writing and communicating!

And - its FRIDAY!!!! Birthday party tomorrow for my youngest grandchild, Max. He turned 1 yesterday, so its the first birthday party for him.

Have a great day...mine is going well so far, LOL!!


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