Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Inspiration's Unlikely Source

Apr 2 2008

No fooling!

The plan for last evening was to add some more to Body Perfect. It seemed to be a repeat of the last time I intended to write - nothing was flowing. I had had no problem with Madelaine and whipped off a few hundred words just like that! Knowing that Pam was waiting for something new to work with on Body, I started to feel a sense of frustration setting in with my lack of ideas. Where did I want to take this next part of the story? Ideas rolling around in my head didn't seem to warrant the effort of transferring them to the computer.

As a diversion (read - stalling tactic) I decided to check out the day's internet news items. Keep in mind yesterday was April 1 and often there are some cleverly disguised headlines designed to fool even the most observant.

Britain often produces some great hoaxes and I chanced on a news item headlining some. Big Ben due for repairs and the clock face would be replaced with a digital clock - was one of the better ones. And then there was video clip - purporting to show flying penguins! Very well done the story was and I enjoyed a chuckle or two as it unfolded. The snow and ice were the backdrop scenery, with some icebergs off in the distance.

Voila! The inspiration hit, and I started the next line in the story, "Apparently we have just scratched the tip of the iceberg with this case....." And unlikely as it seemed, seeing an iceberg triggered a story line and I was once again working the keys!! From there it just flowed - or maybe I should say "floed" ! Apologies to Webster and Oxford for creating a new word.

At any rate, by evening's end I was satisfied with my efforts and Pam seemed to enjoy it as well, so now Body Perfect is back in her court. And I will get back to Madelaine very soon.

So, don't get discouraged fellow writer, if things don't seem to work when you want them to - the words will come!

Oh, and it certainly feels as if spring is really here!


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