Sunday, April 6, 2008

The End is Near....

....for 'Madelaine', or so I have suggested to my partner, Pam. Last night saw me bringing some of the loose ends together and when I had finished, realized there really is not a lot more to say.

She agrees and doesn't want to rush into the closing of this story we have worked on for nearly a year! Its almost anti-climatic and when I realized the ending is just around the corner, I can't describe the feeling I had. Almost as if I hadn't fully grasped that an ending would have to eventually arrive - I think it actually took me by surprise! But then that so often happens in real life does it not - we are not always prepared for endings.

Its been a glorious spring day today! Very little of the snow remains, crocuses and other bulbs are bravely making their appearance.

I enjoyed a good church service this morning and was glad I went. Then some down time for the rest of the day, relaxing and deliberately not thinking about writing. However I agreed with myself that would only last until dinner time, and so here I am - thinking about writing! I think I will open the latest instalment on Body Perfect sent to me by Pam and see where my thoughts go. I don't think I will need to look for icebergs today, as when I initially read what she had written, I did have some inkling of where I wanted to go with it.

Another work week looms - may it go as quickly as the weekend!


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