Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Else is There to Say - MORE SNOW!!!!!

March 8

We are in the midst of a very major winter storm!! Ho hum, what else is new? Apparently the phrase 'major winter storm' does not have as much punch as it did about 6 major winter storms ago!

But truly today, has to be the worst of this winter! Its blowing around now and I see no one is even bothering trying to shovel - no point! So grateful I am that it is a Saturday, although it would most likely have been a legitimate snow day from work - otherwise by this time of day, I'd be booking an overnight stay at a nearby hotel close to work.

So other than snow, what else is news? The beginnings of a cold that threatened me earlier this week seems to have morphed into laryngitis - I have an interesting cough that accompanies it, starts out with a very good bark and ends upward on a little squeak.

And what is new with the children? I refer to Body Perfect and Madelaine, of course! Today I find not much flowing creatively, so have been tidying and organizing. If too much clutter surrounds me, either mental or physical, it really bogs down the thought process. The tidying and organizing concerns mostly Madelaine, bringing the Chapter Summary up to date, and consulting Pam on some ideas at the beginning of Chapter 18. Then some file back ups were in order. It may be time to send out a couple of completed draft chapters to our reading distribution list as well.

Both Pam and I are great fans of Louise Penny and left comments on her blog, she was so kind to respond quickly, offering encouragement to us both. Pam, have you finished reading Dead Cold yet?? (Is that a subtle enough hint that I am anxious to read it as well!)

So perhaps something to eat for dinner and then I will set myself back down here and see what words will flow -not "and if" either!

Oh and something else to remember - Daylight Savings Time comes into effect this weekend.


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